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CoachEm™ is the first coaching execution platform designed to equip and enable business leaders to coach individual reps on behaviors and actions that will have the greatest impact on results. CoachEm™ leverages your existing tech stack to analyze, diagnose and recommend specific actions to develop each unique rep in the areas they need it most.

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CROs often overlook investing in their managers – the key ingredient to ensuring rep productivity and retention.

CoachEm™ instills confidence in CROs that their sales leaders are keenly attuned to the people part of the revenue equation. Improving leaders’ ability to hire, ramp, develop and promote (up or out) is what ultimately will deliver more deals, bigger deals, faster deals and loyal customers.

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Managers want to identify specific issues that are holding their reps back but don’t have the time.

Using data from the existing tech stack, CoachEm™ does the analytical heavy lifting for managers so they can leverage their experience and focus on areas where reps need the most help. Previously ineffective one-on-ones are transformed into consistent coaching sessions.

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Sales reps leave their 1:1 meetings still uncertain about exactly how to improve.

CoachEm™ focuses on understanding exactly where, how, and why reps are struggling and then provides their managers with straightforward recommendations to address issues and develop stronger people and teams. 

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CHROs know hiring top sales talent is hard. Retaining top people is even harder.

CHROs and their teams are tasked with finding and recruiting top talent, then selling the opportunity for employee growth and career progression. CoachEm™ is a coaching execution platform that leverages data across the employee lifecycle, so it helps the HR organization put proof behind their promise to develop people to their full potential.

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Sales Ops and Enablement teams are drowning in data that doesn’t help with proving ROI in tech or training spend.

CoachEm™ maximizes the investment in existing sales ops and enablement stacks by organizing data to analyze, interpret, and diagnose issues at root cause. Global analysis helps Ops/Enablement calculate ROI and see exactly where to focus future investment based on org-wide behavior patterns. 

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What The Data Shows

Managers are the one lever that can drive change.

In fact, a Gallup study found that “70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.” When you have great managers who can maximize potential, you have a motivated team that will deliver consistent growth.

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amount of time the average frontline sales manager devotes his or her time to developing their direct report

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of sellers report their manager does not help them develop the skills they need for their role today

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of sellers report their manager does not help them develop the skills they need for the future

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of managers don’t feel confident in their ability to develop the skills employees need today