Hosting virtual happy hours doesn’t drive retention

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CoachEm™ if you want to KeepEm

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Throwing tech at your reps doesn’t guarantee success

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CoachEm™ if you want to GrowEm

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Hammering your people on results doesn’t work

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CoachEm™ if you want to LeadEm

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Acting like a ‘super rep’ to make your team quota isn’t sustainable

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CoachEm™ if you want to ScaleEm

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Front Line Managers drive behavior change

Get the most out of every rep by getting the best from every manager.

CoachEm™ helps managers take the prep and guesswork out of every meeting.
Our CRM-integrated console leverages deep learning AI technology to proactively identify patterns of great behavior, determine opportunities for improvement and serve up practical recommendations for managers to help their teams drive more deals, bigger deals, faster deals and loyal customers.

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Great sales people CAN make great sales managers

CoachEm™ is the only platform built for FLMs that integrates existing sales listening and analytics software to identify patterns of behavior and root causes, while serving actionable recommendations for one-on-ones and team meetings. Now managers can draw on their experience to coach their reps on the metrics that matter most.

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How it works

Analyze Your Data

Aggregate and make sense of the data in your tech stack to save you time

Identify Patterns

Sends the signal out of the noise to show exactly where reps are doing well and where they can improve

Diagnose Root Causes

Use AI to determine why each rep is struggling to guide your coaching

Prescribe Targeted Actions

Provide managers with bite sized recommendations to improve their performance in the areas they need it most

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Selling With Noble Purpose with Lisa McLeod

In this episode of ‘Coach2Scale, host Matt interviews Lisa McLeod, an acclaimed author and founder of McLeod & More Inc. Known for her work on integrating purpose into sales strategies. Lisa discusses the myth that top salespeople are solely motivated by money. She emphasizes that high performers are driven by a desire to improve the lives of their customers. The conversation delves into distinguishing between reactive and assertive sales approaches, the concept of ‘noble purpose,’ and how organizations can align their goals with customer impact to drive better results.

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Curiosity + Persistence = Success

In this compelling episode of Coach2Scale, Justin Michael discusses the key principles and methodologies that have driven his success in the sales world. He dives into topics like the amygdala’s role, heuristics, and the law of attraction in sales. Justin also shares his views on common myths in the sales profession, the significance of leaving voicemails, and how personalized coaching can elevate sales teams. With practical advice and real-life anecdotes, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for sales leaders and professionals looking to up their game.

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